Pamela Anderson artwork by a local artist
Snakes and loions and Lizards 'Oh My' ... art work by a local artist
Divers Helmet drawing art work by a local artist
Self Portrait, 6 yrs old, portrait #3 in the first ever list. Look at my beautiful Blue eyes! aaaaahhh.......just
Pam Anderson
This Portrait took  36 hrs!
The 2nd one I had ever done!
was never  
I call him the
Gerber Baby
My first color Portrait
ever done in Hard
Vinyl Berol pencil,
which is almost
impossible to  blend.
I now use the soft
lead Berol pencil and
am them look more
like photos but with
hand drawn portrait
This portrait of a
child is only #7
I sure wish I had
scanner that would
not pixel
He is a young skull who  has
broken free of his chains of the
world, yet he is confused by the
newness of his freedom and
So he is going around taking bites
out of things (Like a child puts
things in their mouth) to experience
them for the first time.
Addle Adolescence
The sun was
setting behind the building on
the right, yet the light ray
were not as they should be and
where there was blue sky there
was light streaks and vise
I am still wondering what
the black shadowy streaks.
Where did they come from?
Drew this for the memory.
4th of July 2006
I am a self taught artist. These are my portraits
Practicing ink
smudge &
The Siberian
Husky Was my
beloved pet.
Portrayal of a
The Little Red Bedtime Book .com
Artwork of Inspiring artists
Beth has yet to
discover her full  
Keep going Beth!
Practice will make
perfection in all
that we wish to
accomplish in life
and  in our life's
goals one step at
a time.
Beth did
this  from a
Below are some pictures I've been working on lately.
Sometimes when you first start drawing or painting something you don't
have a clue as to what it will be until you look at it and say,"Its done".
PO BOX 1744

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This portrait/Drawing
of a Divers helmet, is
from a picture. It is still
unfinished as you can
see at the bottom.
I took this to a art
gallery and an art
critic of renown went
goo-goo over the
detail and 3D effects. I
will do a contrasting
back ground on this
as well.
Again my copy
machine does not
capture the intense
detail that I like my
images to reflect.
Showed this Portrait  to a lady
who happened to be
dentist....Her comment was
You even can see his
gingivitis!". >_<!
Some artists believe drawing or sketching  "A likeness" is good enough. I do not.
I believe taking the extra time to draw a portrait as close to picture perfect as I can to the original photograph.
Details are an essential part of a person.
It is what makes each of us "Unique". I also like to incorporate as much of a 3D affect as possible. If your
blends in with the background it will look flat, like something done in high school. In this portrait I should do a
conflicting colored background to give it a 3D effect separating image from the background.
art work
" Hidden Talents "