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My    Very   Easy   Method
e       e        a         a  
r        n        r         r
c       u         t        s
u       s        h        
Just   Set    up   Nine   Planets   Son
u        a       r      e         l              u     
       t        a     p        u              n     
        u       n      t         t                     
t         r       u     u        o                    
e        n       s     n                               
r                        e                               

This free story for kids is an easy way for Children to remember the names
of planets in our solar system
The colors in this kids story are Planet correct

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Once upon our time,
There is a Moon, who has a Sun, with the Mother Earth, and a
bunch of other little planets who's names are Pluto, Neptune,
Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and little Mercury, who all
exist with the Stars, within the darkness of the light.
Now Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn,Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury,
never stray far from mother Earths side, and together they play around the
oldest of them all, the Sun!
Every once in a while, just for fun, mother Earth, and the Moon, will play a
game of hide and seek, they call eclipse, and take turns hiding each other
from the Sun and all the Stars twinkle with de-lite, some shooting
out of sight!
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