1. The Elf's Ant------------------------------

2. The Con-Troll ----------------------------

3. None Ya Biz ------------------------------

4. Soular Plexus ----------------------------

5. Little No-peep ----------------------------

6. Rudy Toot-toot ---------------------------

7. Thy Kingdom Come --------------------

8. Little Larry & The ladybug-------------

9. I Don't use Glue To Tie my Shoe----

10. Little Tony & his Phony Pony-----------

11. Somedays-----------------------------------

12. Me doggie-----------------------------------

13. Caren & Sharen----------------------------

14. The Magnificent Brain--------------------

15. The Fairy Grandmother------------------

16. Ed the Sprinkler Head--------------------

17. Poor Otis-------------------------------------

18. The Stupid Story---------------------------

19. What's a Skip to do?----------------------

20. Neither Here, Nor There-----------------

21. Sambo----------------------------------------

22. My Busy C.-----------------------------------

23. The Hairy Fairies---------------------------

24. The Leopard & Cheetah-----------------

25. The Little Boy who Blew his Nose-----

26. Acrobat Cat----------------------------------

27. Little Lost One------------------------------

28. Smarts Don't it?----------------------------

29. Dreams Of Good Things----------------

30. The Good Old Oak Tree-----------------

31. Rabbit Food is Good for You!----------
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The poor little boy was confused at the
snobbish reaction to his name.
Later that evening the boy went into the
kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner
over the hot stove and the friend was making
a salad.
The little boy asked the friend, What was she
And the friend replied through puffy, teared,
red eyes, and a stuffy nose,and said,
"Chopin an-nonyion".
Now the little boy got angry! And said, "You
can chop anything you like, but don't be cuttin’
up my name!"
And he stormed out of the kitchen!

The End!
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There once was a little boy, who's name was
None Ya Biz.
His mother had invited a friend over for dinner,
and when the friend asked the little boy what
his name was, he politely replied,"None-Ya".
"Well fine", said the friend. If you don’t want to
tell me your name, I will just go help your
mother in the kitchen.
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None Ya Biz