Once upon along time ago, in the valley of, "Not very
nice", there lived a mean Troll, who conned everyone who
crossed a bridge, into paying a toll.
He would charge them new cars, toys, money, or clothes,
because after he used them, he thought of them as old.
He always desired for more, even if the people were poor. He
always asked for something different each time, because he
could not find happiness inside himself.
He was very lonely, and sad, never satisfied with what he had.
Yet, he wouldn't share, and didn't have any real friends that
So he sat, and stared at the bridge that wasn't even his, and
wondered why people crossed it,   for he had never been to
the other side.
One day he asked a girl and a boy, from who he had taken a
toy, why they wanted to cross the bridge so badly.

About The Con-troll

The Con-Troll  is a children's  story that was thought up one night when
I was very alone, Broke and sad. I was attending college and had
no money to pay for my rent or electricity and could not get any
help.  I felt as if no one cared for me, or that I was trying to better
my life by going to college. My parents and other close family
rarely came to  visit and they  never called to see how I was
doing or even to see if I was getting a passing grade on tests
like the other students. So I started collecting things and stuff I
really did not need trying to make myself feel better.
It was then that I had the humbling thought "You know there are a
lot of people that would be very happy to even have the warmth
of a place to live".
So I decided I was being a selfish Troll not being happy with
myself or with what I had and taking fore granted the
opportunities and the life I had created.
Thus became the story of the Con-troll.
This unique children's story is intended to give kids and parents
some insight as to  how we as parents,  children and kids, take
for granted the simple things in life that are most important. The
simple reading of a story to your child before bedtime can give
your child a happy memory for a lifetime.
Print and read your kid, kids, child or children a little happy, short bedtime
story tonight!

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The boy replied, “Because everybody is nice and happy over there". They
are happy, because they all share and care about each other. They are
happy like sisters and brothers, and, mothers and fathers should be.
He then said, “You, should come with us", you don't need all that stuff.
With friends, you too will be happy & have more than enough!
The troll could not believe his ears! He felt a pang of joy and his eyes filled
with tears!
All these years he didn't know that to care, only meant to share!
"Love, joy, happiness, and caring, all come from sharing", said the little girl.
You should come with us, we have more than enough! And we will show
you a better world.
And they all skipped over the bridge that wasn't his,
to the other side...

The End

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